White Plains

Our core Breeding Farm with 33,000 heavy breeders (female & male), 18,000 light breeders (female and male), a combined Emka and Pasreform hatchery with hatching capacity of 1,632,000 eggs, fully equipped Premix production line with quality control laboratory, feed mill, large grains and feed ingredients storage capacity and vaccines & medication’s cold storage facilities.

Green Plains

Our core pullets farm with capacity of rearing 38,000 (female and male) which will be expanded in 2016 for another 19,000 heavy pullets , 9,000 (female and male) light pullets and a special male house where we breed heavy male broilers for spiking. In Green Plains we have a 1,200 m2 grains and equipment storage warehouse.


Agrited Yola

Agrited’s breeding arm in the North, consisting of 18,000 heavy breeders (female and male), 18,000 light breeders (female and male), 9,000 heavy pullets, 9,000 light pullets, 20,000 commercial layers, 11,000 commercial pullets, Emka hatchery with hatching capacity of 408,000 eggs, feed mill and large grains and raw material storage warehouse.

Silver Plains

A newly built (2015) breeding farm with current capacity of 33,000 heavy breeders (female and male), 1,200 m2 grains and animal feed storage. In 2016 the farm will be expanded for housing another 33,000 heavy breeders.

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