• For Water tank, pipes and nipples:
  • Empty the complete water system,
  • Clean and de-scale the complete system with an acid solution and leave for 6 hours to soak,
  • Rinse twice with clean water.


  • All the equipment (nests, feeders, drinkers etc.) are removed and stored on a concrete area.
  • The entire ventilation system (air inlets and outlets, fans, heating and ventilation ducts if they are present) and individual radiant or pancake type brooders are brushed and vacuum cleaned.
  • Litter is removed.





When washing, ensure local regulations regarding wash down water are observed. As a rule, always ensure that the dirty water is directed towards a pit or suitable internal drain and does not run outside to the house surroundings or access roads and pathways.



Soak and remove the remaining organic matter

Apply a bactericidal and fat removing detergent using an appliance capable of dealing with foam products.

Some hours after soaking, wash with a high-pressure washer (>50kg/cm²) or with hot water, in the following order:

  • Internal roof surfaces, from the top downwards
  • Walls, from the top downwards
  • Finally, pits and concrete floors



Nests, drinkers and feeding equipment

  • Soak and remove all organic matter
  • Apply a bactericidal and fat removing detergent using an appliance capable of dealing with foam products
  • Ensure every piece of equipment gets a thorough wash, followed by rinsing
  • Prior to the final rinsing, immerse the removable parts of the nests (perches and nest box bottoms) for 24 hours in a disinfectant solution
  • Dry on a clean disinfected concrete area (different to that used for washing)




The vehicles used for this operation must have been carefully washed and sprayed with disinfectant.




Water pipes:

  • Prepare a highly concentrated chlorine solution (200 ppm) in the water tank.
  • Open the tank to fill the pipes with this solution and leave for 24 hours. Afterwards, drain the water circuit. Do not forget to seal the water tank to protect it from dust.



  • House and equipment disinfection is achieved using a homologous bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal disinfectant (like BROMOSEPT), applied with a hand held or low pressure sprayer or a foam-producing machine.
  • The list of homologous approved disinfectants may vary from one country to another. We recommend that you consult the relevant local Authorities for a list of approved disinfectants and the required concentrations when used for poultry applications.


Feed Storage Silos:

  • Scrape, brush wash and after drying, fumigate using fungicidal candles following the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Heating and ventilation ducts (if they are present):

  • Disinfection using fungicidal, virucidal and bactericidal candles following manufacturer’s guidelines.


House surroundings and road and path access ways:

Spread a disinfecting product, such as -

  • caustic soda (50 to 100 kg/1000 m2)
  • or quicklime (400 kg/1000 m2).



Place clean boots and overalls in the changing room. Replenish foot-baths with an appropriate disinfectant.



Visual examination

  • - Check for dirt stains in the house and on the equipment.

Bacteriological analysis

  • - Contact plates or swabs are applied to equipment and to different places in the house. These are rapidly forwarded to a laboratory for bacteriological assessment following an agreed protocol with the laboratory.



Rodents may be vectors of numerous bacterial diseases such as salmonella.

Rodent control is often based on the use of toxic baits which generally contain anticoagulants. These are left in places frequented by the rodents following a site risk assessment. A poorly prepared rodent control program may give variable or poor results. We therefore advise using a specialized rodent control service.



This starts only when all the above operations have been achieved and lasts for at least 10 days, in order for the house to dry properly.



  • 3 days before the new flock arrives, a residual insecticide is sprayed on all surfaces.
  • Fresh litter is placed (never use moldy material) and its surface sprayed with a larvicidal insecticide.
  • Equipment is prepared in the brooding area.
  • 24 hours before the new flock arrives, the final disinfection is performed by fogging.

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